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Commercial Real Estate

Rising Realty Partners

Transformative furniture design reinvigorates a Downtown LA commercial real estate firm. 

Rising Realty Partners is a full-service real estate platform specializing in creating world-class commercial and industrial properties. Tangram Studio in partnership with Gensler LA was enlisted to help transform their historic Downtown Los Angeles space into a modern version of its original glory. The goal was to compliment the old beams and exposed brick in the office by incorporating an industrial and eclectic aesthetic. For Rising’s workstations, Studio designed solid butcherblock work surfaces with elements of hot rolled steel and glass partitions. Studio also helped the dynamic company change the way they work.  By moving the staff from private workstations to unassigned touchdown benching with shared storage, the space suddenly required employees to interact with each other more and, as a result, increase collaboration and overall activity throughout the work environment.

Additionally, Studio designed the conference room table using refurbished bowling alley flooring and industrial antique machine legs. This sleek design concealed power and provided a unique flair for the office space.

Tangram Representative:
Charlotte Wiederholt
President, Tangram Studio

Project Address:

523 W 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Project Partners:


Company Website:


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