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4 Workplace Health Tips For The Office During The Winter Months


Everybody gets sick. No matter what precautions we take, or how careful we are, sooner or later it’s going to happen to us. However, if you want to minimize the number of sick days you need to take from the office, then you should keep some of the following health tips in mind this winter season.

Tip #1: Hydrate and Moisturize

The cold can do a number on your skin, and with all the coffee, hot chocolate, and heavily salted chicken soup we drink to stay warm, we can sometimes forget that we need water as well. So listen to Health Status, and make sure you’re regularly stopping by the water cooler or filling up your reusable bottle, because you still need to drink about 8 glasses a day or so (though one or two extra to combat what you’re losing won’t hurt). It’s also important to moisturize your skin, since most offices will be heated but dry, and that can irritate your sinuses as well as your epidermis. Make sure you’ve got a humidifier running nearby if you can. Of course, if that’s not an option, then just bringing a few plants to your work area can make a difference in fresh air and humidity… the term is biophilic design, for those looking for more information.

Tip #2: Wash Your Hands

This is one that gets repeated over and over again, but it’s impossible to overstate how big of a deal this one is. Every door you open, every hand you shake, and every knob you turn has been in contact with dozens of other people. And before you go rubbing your eyes and wiping at your mouth, ensuring your hands are clean is one of the best ways to prevent those germs from getting inside your body, according to Mana. However, in addition to washing your hands, it’s also important to change your habits so that you come into contact with fewer germs in the first place; wear your gloves until you get to your desk, for example, and where appropriate, use a knuckle bump rather than a full handshake; it can do wonders for reducing your risk.

Tip #3: Adopt an Exercise Routine

If you’re not already a regular at the gym, then one of the best things you can do for ensuring you stay fit and healthy, according to WebMD, is to start exercising. Even if all you’re doing is going for a walk during your lunch break, that can burn a lot of calories, stretch your muscles, and help you de-stress. That is just what you need to help deal with the workday in general, and it can help you rest well at night, as well as keep your body ready to fight off colds and infections. Think of it as preventative maintenance!

Tip #4: Watch What You Eat

The winter is when we tend to reach for a lot of carbs, as well as a lot of comfort food and snacks. While that can do a number on your waistline, it can also make you sluggish and hurt your immune system, to boot. So make sure you start your day off with a high protein breakfast to keep you full longer. And, consider snacks like nuts, yogurt, or even granola bars throughout the day rather than reaching for the candy on your coworkers’ desks, or plugging some quarters into the vending machine at the end of the hall. It may be hard to resist some days, and a little indulgence now and again is fine, but it’s important to make sure it doesn’t become a habit.

For more health tips and information about concerns that can crop up during the winter months in the office, simply contact us today!

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