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Individual, Adjustable Pods: A New Trend in Commercial Interior Design


When you’re designing a workspace, there are several things to consider, from what kind of chair is going to be most comfortable for your employees to sit on to whether they need to be grouped together or have their own individual spaces in order to increase productivity. It all depends on the type of work that’s being done in the office.

The Need for Things to Be “Just Right”

As anyone at work knows, several elements have to be “just right” in order to increase productivity. For example, the temperature in the place where you’re sitting has to be just right for you. The lighting also cannot be too much or too little. The chair you’re sitting on should be comfortable, at least for the period of time you need to keep sitting there. The music can’t be too loud. On the other hand, a lack of music might throw you off your game, too.

The fact is that if a person wants to concentrate on what they’re doing, they need everything to be just right, from the temperature of the coffee they’re drinking to the proximity of the restrooms!

Working in Individual, Adjustable Pods

Each person’s idea of comfort is different. Consequently, many companies have come up with the idea of working in pods. A Forbes writer says, “People are actively seeking out cozy, quiet, distraction-free corners.” Some of the pods look like phone booths, only they’re big enough to fit a desk. Others look like booths at a diner. And why not? Both of these setups give you a sense of privacy, a desk, and a comfortable place to sit.

If you want the employee to be even more comfortable, give them their own jukebox and let them play whatever music they want in the pod. You can also make the temperature in these pods adjustable so that people can work in the exact temperature that they find most comfortable. Just keep in mind that pods are the best places to incubate ideas!

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