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3 Quick Fixes for Ergonomic Errors

Three of the most common ergonomic issues and how to fix them by Lindsey Sage, VP of Business Development.

1. Tech Neck

Are you finding yourself frequently massaging your neck and shoulders?  You might have Tech Neck. Whether you are working on a laptop or a separate monitor tech neck does not discriminate, this is our number one quick fix because a very common issue and is simple to solve!

Quick Fix: Raise up your monitor to eye level.

Recommended Solution: Separate Monitor, Monitor Arm + Keyboard

Economical Solution: Prop up your monitor on book(s) and use a separate keyboard.

Product Examples

These Monitor Arms

This Monitor Stand

This Laptop Stand

This Keyboard

This Monitor Stand


2. Poor Blood Flow

Standing a lot or massaging your legs due to numbness?  Whether you’re sitting in a chair with no adjustments or not sitting in a recommended position, make sure you’re conscious of Blood Flow/Circulation.

Quick Fix: Sit in a chair so your legs are rested at 90 degrees and there is a minimum of 4” of space from the back of your leg to edge of the chair.

Recommended Solution: Ergo Chair providing height and depth adjustability

Economical Solution: We know a high-end adjustable chair isn’t realistic for everyone’s budget. You can also help to achieve an ergonomic position by sitting on pillows or blankets so your legs rest at 90 degrees. Or, if your chair is too tall, use books as a footrest. Also, make sure you’re not sitting in any funky positions like crisscross-applesauce or on one leg as this limits blood flow and can affect the rest of your body.

Product Examples

This SitOnIt Chair

This Steelcase Chair

This Footrest


3. Lumbar Spine Pain

Are you finding yourself arching your back from a “C” shape to a “U” shape often? This is Lumbar Spine Pain. You may be suffering from this because you are sitting in a chair with no lumbar support options or you generally sit on the edge of your chair.

Quick Fix: Add pressure to the small of your back to support your lumbar

Recommend: Ergo Chair providing lumbar pressure and support.

Economical: Place pillows or blankets behind your back to push on your lumbar to support your posture. You can also find additional products online for lumbar support.

Product Examples

This SitOnIt Chair

This Steelcase Chair

This Lumbar Support


Additional Tips:

These quick fixes will help minimize pain or discomfort during your days of WFH. However, it’s incredibly important to consciously change postures throughout the day. Did you know that Steelcase has identified nine different postures? Challenge yourself to find ways to work in each posture daily. Stay active to stay comfortable!

Yoga is an amazing way to stretch the body throughout the day as well. Here is a 10 minute chair yoga tutorial on Youtube for when your body and your mind need a break.


For more Quick Fixes, see this Steelcase article.

Contact us for more information about different types of ergonomic products.

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