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Elevate Your WFH Space

Kayla Hodge, one of Tangram’s Ancillary Specialists, outlines five areas to focus on when sprucing up your WFH space. Below is a description of each topic and products you might enjoy.



Having the right technology when working from home can make all the difference. This is especially true in times when we rely on our devices so heavily; making sure they’re charged is very important! These sample products provide easy access to all your favorite gadgets and give them enough juice to function all day. We know space isn’t always readily available at home as well, so multi-functioning technology is a big bonus. Get yourself a portable speaker that allows you to seamlessly transition from dance party to conference call. 



Comfort is king (or queen). However, comfort isn’t just plushy sweatpants and a beanbag chair (not very ergonomic, by the way). Your home office should be comfortable and functional and comfort includes more than just physical aspects; for example, temperature, familiarity, convenience, etc… Are you constantly having to break concentration to warm up cold coffee? Think about investing in a Yeti cup. Are you starting to feel too warm in the afternoons? Consider a rechargeable mini-fan to keep cool when temps start rising.



Do yourself a favor and don’t add ‘finding that rogue piece of paper’ to your to-do list today. We have enough to worry about, keeping your space clutter free and organized will help ease stress and create peace of mind. Plus, if you can add a little pizazz to your desk while you’re at it, why not? Here are some products that are both stylish and practical.



Numerous studies have proven how important lighting is to the workspace and your home office is no different. Lighting that eliminates glare and shadows can help to reduce eye-strain and also have a positive impact on your mood. Keep your WFH space lit with these product suggestions.



Make your space personal to you – add fun accessories and things that make you happy: a plant, a rug, a fancy pen, speaker for music, a heated plate for keeping your coffee hot, a cute bowl for candies for when you get a sweet tooth or a message board to keep yourself motivated​. The options are endless, but the important thing is making the space feel like it’s yours because let’s face it folks, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

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