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Insights on Future Technology in the Work Space


When we think millennials and centennials, we wonder how future technology in the workplace will look like. According to research, millennials don’t mind full-time employment, but they also prefer portfolio work. Centennials do not like complex office layouts, are tech-savvy, entrepreneurial, and are committed to causes. We are talking about an ambitious group who love their independence and invest significantly in passion projects. So what will their workplace goals be like?

Remote Working Environment

Due to preference for autonomy, portfolio projects, and working with small groups, the modern working environment is changing as nowadays, most workers prefer flexibility and working remotely. For companies that will not want their employees working away from the office, there are alternatives. A more laid back working environment, smaller conference rooms, incorporation of conferencing technology, more lounging areas, and fewer individual spaces will be the norm.

Green Technology

These guys, especially the centennials, are committed to the conservation of the environment. Therefore, their desirable workplace will emphasize recycling and avoidance of wastage to meet their environmental ideals. For instance, going paperless by storing transactions in the cloud and sending customers email receipts. This means a workplace that adapts to future technology that enhances green efforts like natural indoor lighting and air filtration systems will be desirable.

Innovative Future Technology

These generations adapt quickly to technology. It is how they were raised. Innovative technology is considered to enhance efficiency and therefore has to be considered. They also tend to be very resourceful and educate themselves a lot via technology. This is an advantage to the employer because they do not need to be micromanaged as they can carry out assigned tasks effectively.

Gen Y and Z may seem to have a lot of demands, but there is a great deal of pressure for them to perform. A functional yet customized workplace will enhance their productivity and creativity. Contact us today for more information on our customized workplace services.

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