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Interior Design for Retail Brands: Why Display is Everything


Sometimes, you go to a shop that is well-lit and where the colors of the items are distinctly visible. There’s more space to walk around and the fitting rooms have nice, diffuse lighting, which makes you appear at your best in the mirrors. You may not even mind paying more than you had planned on spending for an item in such a shop.

On the other hand, there are times when you go to a shop where everything is crammed together. This often happens when there’s a sale. Shoes might be thrown one on top of the other. Some of them might have become dirty. And there may not be a proper place for you to try on what you want. You leave the store feeling irritated and without buying anything, even though everything is very cheap.

The only difference between the above two examples lies in the display, which is determined by the interior design of the store.

Enhancing the Customer Journey

You want the interiors of your store to be designed in such a way that your products will be displayed in the best way possible. You want your customers to enter the store and have a good experience overall. It’s a fact that when the store itself seems inviting, a customer is likely to spend more money there, and vice versa.

Working with Your Interior Designer

Speak to your interior designer. Make sure that they understand what type of product you’re trying to display. After all, displaying clothes and displaying furniture are two different things. Of course, certain things remain the same; you need to have good lighting and ample space for the customer to move around, no matter what you’re selling.

But you also need to share exactly what type of look you’re going for. Is your brand youthful? Retro? Modern? Industrial? Nautical? Businesslike? Comfy? Or something else? Your interior designer will need to know these things to create the type of environment you want for your customers.

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