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3 Benefits of Incorporating LEDs in Your Interior Design

ceiling with recessed LED lighting and gold moulding

If you’re doing up the interior of your home, there are many things to consider, from color schemes and artwork to furniture and storage. However, there’s one thing that you don’t have to worry about too much: lighting.

This is because, from the range of incandescent lights, fluorescent lights and LED lights available nowadays, LEDs are vastly superior in every way. If you use LED bulbs in all your lighting fixtures, you won’t have to worry about lighting for years to come.

Save Money on Electricity Bills

LED lights might be slightly more expensive to purchase to begin with. However, they last for many years, and they are energy efficient. So replacing all your lights with LED lights is likely to reduce your electricity bill by quite a bit.

Given that there are many expenses involved in running a home, it’s a good idea to cut down where you can. And lighting is one of those places where it’s quite easy to save money. All you have to do is commit to using LEDs.

Get Lighting That’s Easier on the Eyes

In addition to the practical benefits of getting LED lights, there are also aesthetic benefits. The light from LEDs is easier on the eyes, making it easier to read and concentrate. LED light more closely mimics daylight, so it’s more diffuse and doesn’t hurt the eyes like incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

Create a Sense of “Hygge” in Your Home

If you have heard of the Danish concept of hygge, which refers to a feeling of cozy happiness, keep in mind that hygge is largely created by dim lighting. Bright fluorescent lights are really not conducive to feeling comfortable and cozy. So if you want to increase the feelings of hygge in your home, go for low-watt LEDs.

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