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7 Tips to Release Job Stress

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Anyone that has spent more than just a few hours at a job knows that jobs are stressful. Here at Tangram, we understand that and want to provide you with some helpful tips that you can use to release that stress throughout the workday and after.

  1. The Night Before

  2. Start Your Day Right

    • Most of us have the tendency to sleep as late as possible and rush out the door. It is to your advantage to wake up early, eat a healthy breakfast and do some light exercise.
  3. Stand Up

    • If you work at a desk or other sit-down job, it is important that you stand often. This will increase blood flow throughout your body and reduce the physical stress on your body. You can often stand while you’re on the phone or talking to someone in your office.
  4. Leave Your Workstation for Breaks and Lunch

    • Sometimes our workload is overwhelming and we feel the need to work through lunch. This can lead to emotional and mental fatigue that could make you less productive. Taking breaks and lunch away from your desk can recharge you, especially if you’ll use that time for a brisk walk or other exercise.
  5. Make a To-Do List

    • At the end of the day, make a to-do list of what needs to be done tomorrow and maybe the next day if it’s something that needs to be tracked.
  6. Unplug

    • When you get off work the first thing you should do is mentally unplug from work. The to-do list is a big part of that. Stop thinking about what you have to do at work the next day; worrying about it won’t get it done and only adds to your stress. Repeat after me: “I am finished with work today, I’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow.”
  7. Go on an Adventure

    • The human species was created for adventure. You don’t have to climb Everest, but you should at least try out a new coffee shop or check out a Farmer’s Market on your day off.

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