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Building a Culture of Innovation


Skunkworks. Brainstorming. Think Tank. Collaborating. Strategizing.

Call it what you will – building a culture of innovation is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition. Ideas are like epiphanies – but when one comes to light, you need to be able to act on it and turn your employees into innovative gurus.

In a study conducted by the UK government, it was determined that higher levels of engagement are directly related to higher levels of innovation, clearly demonstrating the possibility of embedding these principles into a corporate culture. Additionally, as an organization becomes more established, new concepts continue to come into focus, perhaps turning a start-up company into a name brand.  (2)

Physical and digital environments spur innovation

Our environments have a tremendous impact on how motivated and inspired we are; they can also determine our comfort level in taking risks. Tangram Interior believes that by partnering with their clients to create and manage their interior environments through the professional integration of technology, furniture, floor coverings, as well as service solutions, they create a win-win situation whereby the client’s innovative culture is enhanced.

When rethinking ideas/processes, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. By creating an enriched environment you also promote the innovative culture.

Innovation = introducing something new to your business. This could be:

  • Replacing/improving business processes to:
    • increase efficiency and productivity
    • enable a business to increase/enhance products and/or services
  • Development of new/improved products/services to keep up with the pace of changing consumer demands
  • Improving existing products/services to set their business apart from its competitors and grab a larger market share

Cultivate environments where your team members can brainstorm freely

  • Provide them the digital tools/spaces to encourage creativity
  • Encourage and support them in seeking out innovative opportunities

Successful leaders understand that innovation is driven by their people: promoting this essential discipline is vital

Successful companies understand that by creating this type of environment, people feel empowered to share their ideas. These collaborative cultures encourage free expression and it is highly valued. Encouraging employees to work together creates a safe environment that “embraces vulnerability and belonging…This all has measurable effects on your ROI.”(2)

In an article by Micah Solomon, dated Apr 28, 2018, “How To Build A Culture Of Innovation And Turn Every Employee into an Innovation Powerhouse”, Solomon explores various areas where a culture of innovation can be promoted, such as:,

  1. Reward experimentation — even failure
  2. Encourage innovation in non-obvious areas
  3. Define three distinct areas for focus: product, process, and business model
  4. Let them know what you’re looking for in the way of  contributions
  5. Encourage the search for accidental innovation
  6. Encourage them to look for innovation potential in mistakes they’ve made
  7. Encourage employees to look for what’s missing
  8. Strive to build a blame-free culture
  9. Let them know that their innovative efforts will be free from repercussions
  10. Create Google Cafes, forums where they could present their research–Take a page from Google’s book and create a forum unique to your firm
  11. Encourage your employees to use all of their vacation time and come back refreshed and energized
  12. Avoid micromanagement–it can only hinder honesty and innovation

If innovation starts at the top, true leaders will demonstrate a positive outlook, provide clear direction and goals, embrace change, and have a genuine workplace passion.  (1)

If you get the feeling that your organization is being left in the dust by the competition, call the experts at Tangram Interiors. They will not only evaluate your current culture with a deep understanding of your industry and core values, but they will forge a partnership with you to help you bring an innovative culture into your workplace, putting you miles ahead of any competitor.





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