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3 Tips for Better AV Integration in the Boardroom


According to AskCody, modern employees spend 37% of their time every single week attending meetings at work.

This figure is significant for a variety of reasons, but especially due to the insight it gives us into the importance of a well-designed boardroom.

Great boardroom designs juggle a multitude of factors, including light, size, and furniture choices. However, the technology installed in the room can make or break its utility. Faulty display connections, poor system accessibility, and other issues can act as quicksand for your team’s communication efforts, sucking up time and energy better directed at the actual purposes of your meetings.

If you want your company’s boardroom to be an inviting, effective space to meet in, give the following AV integration tips a try.

1. Consider Equipment Storage Space

If your boardroom visits involve occasional use of microphones, projectors, dedicated laptops, and other peripheral presentation devices, then the storage space provided for such tools is as important as the tools themselves. Keep storage solutions simple and accessible by placing them at the front of the room.

2. Make Displays Easy to See

Large, visible displays can be crucial components in any integrated boardroom, but they are best utilized when placed in viewable positions. Avoid causing any individuals in attendance to crane their necks to see screens and projections by having them installed at a reasonable distance from viewing positions. Adjust mounting angles as needed for more comfortable and effective meetings.

3. Think About Going Wireless

New developments in display technology have opened doors to presentation options in meeting spaces that were previously unheard of. Netguru mentions the potential for Apple’s Apple TV and AirPlay technology to be used in tandem for fuss-free visual control and screen sharing.

Incorporating helpful audio and visual technology into your company’s boardroom correctly can drastically improve in-meeting communication and productivity. Get in contact with us at Tangram to discuss your company’s AV integration needs in greater detail.

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