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Workplace Trends: 5 Unexpected Places You Can Work Remotely


What do you picture when you imagine working remotely? Is it you, sitting at home in your robe at your desk, or maybe camped out at the kitchen table trying to get your work in under deadline? Because while that’s certainly a cozy solution, it is far from the only option you have. If you’re willing to pack up your equipment and get out of the house, there are all kinds of places you can work remotely from. You just have to think about it.

Place #1: The Library

If you need a change of pace, but would still like some peace and quiet, then one of the best locations for you is going to be your local library. With plenty of places you can set up your laptop, free wifi, and even study rooms where you can sequester yourself away from distractions, the library isn’t just for college students anymore.

Additionally, some libraries will have small shops in them where you can grab a snack or a coffee, which can be a lifesaver when your stomach starts to rumble, but you still have things to get done.

Place #2: Your Favorite Restaurant

While working at a cafe might seem like the most cliche thing in the world, it became a cliche for a reason. Even today you can probably walk into Starbucks and see most of the corners monopolized by highly-caffeinated folks trying to hit their daily deadlines.

These days, though, free wifi is a selling point for nearly every restaurant out there. From fast food chains to greasy spoon diners to family-friendly places, chances are good that if you ask, they have a network connection available for customers. So whether you just want to take a working lunch, or you want to set up in a relaxing venue during the slow part of the day, why not go somewhere with bottomless refills on your drink of choice?

Place #3: The Park

The idea of working outside in the fresh air appeals to a lot of people, and if it’s a nice day you might feel like you have to choose between work and play. But thanks to updates in a lot of our infrastructure, you can often head down to the park without draining your data for the month.

This isn’t going to be universal, mind you, but it is worth checking to see if your local parks, beaches, or even hiking trails have wifi hot spots on them. Because if they do, you could pack up for a picnic without feeling guilty about leaving your work at home.

Place #4: Community Craft Night

Working remotely can get a little lonely sometimes. Because while it has a lot of benefits, you don’t have anyone else physically near you to provide that community… so make your own!

Whether you have friends who get together for regular craft nights, or everyone in your circle works remotely, consider getting together to have a communal work day. It’s like a LAN party, but for adults!

Place #5: The Food Court

Whether it’s at the mall, or just that little section of your local big box store with pretzels, hot dogs, and soda, these little nooks can be a lifesaver for someone who needs to get out of the house for a while. You’re out of the way, you have a comfortable setup, all the Internet you could need, and if you add a large Slurpee, you’re ready for business! That, and when you’re done, you can take care of that shopping you’ve been putting off.

For more information about how you can make working remotely work for you, simply contact us today!

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