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Keys to a Scintillating Brand


In the great course of civilization, many brands have risen to prominence, only to ultimately fade into obscurity. On the other hand, many businesses have created brands that withstand the test of time, and like great perennials, thrive throughout the years. What accounts for the dramatic difference? Upon close inspection, one discovers that the keys to creating brands that last come shining through, revealing themselves for all interested parties to behold.


One common factor shared by enduring brands is that of a winning culture. A winning culture creates a sense of esprit de corps among all members of the organization, enabling them to render that little extra effort that makes a big difference over periods of time. As a sense of togetherness permeates the corporation, employees increasingly identify with the brand, viewing it as an extension of themselves. The culture then shapes the members just as definitively as they create the culture. Once an organization attains this stage of cultural development, success presents itself as a virtual certainty.


Innovation manifests as a necessity when businesses endeavor to create brands that last. Business aficionados understand that what worked yesterday may prove obsolete today, so they plan for tomorrow. The best companies draw upon their greatest resource–personnel–as they strive to accomplish old tasks in new ways. One need reach no further than a telephone to truly appreciate the indispensable nature of innovation and the role it plays in shaping the future.


The businesses that form relationships that last also produce brands that withstand the tests of time. Most clients seek a sense of security, and the brightest companies provide it in abundance. They achieve this by placing their customers first and by proving themselves to be consistently reliable. As time goes by, customers grow to realize that the company’s word truly is its bond, and they develop a sense of security in knowing that the company, like the mail carriers, will always deliver.

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