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Modern Office Concepts in the Tech Industry

modern office space with orange and yellow walls in conference room

The IT market accounts for $3.8 trillion of the global economy, with the US alone accounting for $1.14 trillion and 10.5 million jobs. When comparing the needs of these massive and ever-growing companies to alternative industries in terms of office space, there are different needs that arise. Office spaces for technology companies are designed to enhance collaboration and productivity without the sterile look and feel so often associated with the loss of a human touch.

Lauren Germania, an interior designer specializing in tech companies, has stated: “Designing offices is all about brand interpretation and actualizing their office culture and identity through art, furniture, lighting and design finishes.” As many tech companies mature out of the startup phase, the design focus has become set on incorporating branding of work spaces through the use of the thoughtful selection of materials, furnishings, and emotions with light and architecture. How to accomplish this task depends on how the space will be functionally utilized. Intimate spaces would benefit from warm lighting, low ceilings, drapery, and lounge-style furnishings. Conversely, wide, open spaces mesh better with cool lighting, open ceilings, and tools to allow workers to set their own workspace (power sources approximately every fifteen feet, sit-to-stand desks, etc.)

As with any company, understanding the company culture and values will set the tone for the office design. In the tech world, it is also safe to assume that a modern look and feel will play well with the culture of a given company. The design solution should directly embody the experience, as the office is an extension of the company’s brand. At the Instagram offices, for example, Germania selected furniture and decor that related to the company’s photography and technology basis – incorporating vintage cameras and warm wood furniture into a technologically savvy, smart office. Designing office space around brand culture and identity is a way to enhance engagement and collaboration for your team by, quite literally, surrounding them with the company vision.

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