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Focus on Technical Expertise: 3 Skills Your Office is Missing Out On


In high school and college, you probably used a TI calculator. The basics were simple. Over time, you’d learn a few shortcuts, a few cheats, and a few ways to use them to pass information around. But you never read the user’s manual. Because it was a calculator.

But hidden just out of sight were programmed tools that could do every bit of work in the curriculum. For every manual, complicated process, there were a few buttons you could use instead.

Don’t let that trend continue on in your office. While you don’t need to read the user’s manual for every single piece of software or hardware your company uses, someone should know more than the basics. Make sure you have at least these three programs covered:

1. Slack

If your company uses another instant messenger besides Slack, this should still be on your list. Slack, in particular, can integrate with a growing number of other work-related tools. This includes Trello and Salesforce. Someone in your office should be up-to-date on how to automate communications, get rid of delays, and get the most out of the tool. That ridiculously manual procedure your office has put together over time almost certainly has an existing solution.

2. Your Company’s CRM

People in different departments know how to handle their portion of the CRM. Someone in a given department may even know how to optimize their portion of the platform and make work faster, easier, or less prone to errors.

But that leaves a lot up to chance. There could be gaps between departments that no one is accounting for, especially as your company develops. For the most important apps and tools in the office, search for in-depth expertise.

3. WordPress

If someone in your office doesn’t know how to make your website work, you’re going to spend a lot of money on emergency fixes and the simplest of changes. So ask around your office about WordPress expertise or start asking prospective employees. It doesn’t take a lot of expertise to know more than most, and even just a bit of technical know-how could save your budget.

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