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3 Ways to Make Slow Days More Productive


Slow days might seem few and far between, especially in December. But people are starting to pack up for family vacations and no one’s in the office as much as they used to be. It will be even slower in the office in January, when the fourth quarter rush is over and the winter weather settles into place.

Don’t have your employees idle away the winter. Give your motivated employees valuable ways to grow that don’t rely on other people being in their cubicles. Offer free courses and training opportunities; here are three that someone in the office needs to have under their belt:

1. Salesforce

Specific, technical training is an absolute must, but it often gets pushed to the wayside. It’s important, but it doesn’t look urgent. So, incentivize some of your employees to take advantage of Salesforce’s free training and offer to foot the bill on reasonable courses with a price tag. If you can keep your Salesforce work in-house, you’ll more than make that money back. 

2. Blockchain, especially outside of Bitcoin functions

Most people know the term, but they don’t know much about it. If that statement applies to everyone in your company, that can be dangerous. It means your business won’t be able to take advantage of its unique functions or that you’ll be taken for a ride by someone who offers premium blockchain services that sound nice but don’t help.

Whether you use the multitude of free courses online or you add a curated program to your intranet, offer incentives for employees to learn it. You’ll need them next year.

3. Deep learning and machine learning

Just like with blockchain, even enterprise-level businesses are just beginning to tap into AI. Also just like with blockchain, most professionals aren’t aware of how it works. Assign someone, or people in multiple departments, to learn about it in a way that helps your business. That can include conceptual courses, Google-specific training, or even a crash course on the available tools your company might use in 2019.

Go to Tangram for more workplace technology concepts you can add to your company education resources.

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