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Workplace Technology of the Future: Digital Whiteboards


Whiteboards have been an office staple for a long time, and for good reason. They are a great tool for collaboration and keeping meetings on track. However, as office tech has evolved, digital whiteboards are a natural development.

There are now some great technologies available that have improved the whiteboard experience even more, with Google leading the way. Here are 3 ways Google Jamboard is revolutionizing the whiteboard experience:

1) Interactivity on a whole new level

The Jamboard combines the collaborative features of the whiteboard with technological innovations such as dropping images, notes, pulling websites, as well as remote collaboration. It allows team members to take on an interactive role in meetings no matter where they are, and to create more robust discussions thanks to the connectivity of the Jamboard.

2) Accessibility across different devices

Using the Jamboard allows each team member a variety of options when it comes to access. Multiple Jamboards can be used simultaneously, and there are no location barriers for use, either. Whether team members are on-site or scattered in different locations, the Jamboard mobile app allows them to access their digital whiteboards wherever they are.

3) Draw, sketch, and create with autonomy

Jamboard is designed to display responsively and accurately. Whether you are comfortable drawing out plans, sketching out ideas, or a combination of both, there is complete autonomy to do all that and more. With the combined features of Google search and G Suite access, the Jamboard allows flexibility and dynamism that is unrivaled by other tools.

Using digital whiteboards can be a great way to keep meetings on track and improve collaboration on all fronts without needing messy physical whiteboards and accompanying tools. It is a great way to promote teamwork in an easy, fun way, which helps increase productivity in meetings across different departments.

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