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The Hidden Way to Boost Your Office Design

By Kelsi Maree Borland

Demountable walls could be a hidden solution to office design and floor plan flexibility. This solution is often overlooked, according to Christopher Mojo, the firm’s architectural product specialist at Tangram Interiors, who has used demountable walls in several office design projects; however, this can be an important element in an office space and have multiple uses.

“Walls are an often overlooked, yet vital, element in the overall scheme of interior environments from both a structural and design perspective. However, rather than treating them solely as spatial dividers, they deserve as much care and attention as any other design element of a project,” Mojo tells “One solution to this oversight that offers significant advantages over standard construction is demountable walls. These solutions have a wide range of applications, especially in the rapid adoption of open and modular workspaces, by offering the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements easily over time. Whether you have a need to expand or contract spaces to meet future growth requirements, host technology for everyday business functions, or just finish your space with a beautifully intentional engineered system, demountable walls provide multiple benefits over standard drywall construction.”

This is a new trend in the US, but it is catching steam, especially on the East Coast. “Interest in demountable wall systems really originated in European markets before crossing the Atlantic and establishing a foothold on the East Coast, with a primary marketplace in New York,” explains Mojo. “Over the past few years however that trend has made its way to the opposite coast and we are now seeing more and more design firms and general contractors becoming educated on the benefits these systems provide and therefore specifying them on major design-focused projects. Architects are attracted to the precision and elevated aesthetic many demountable systems provide, while General Contractors benefit from the shortened installation times required.”

Demountable walls have several different aesthetics. Interior glass walls are one of the most prominent trends, currently. Industrial-style walls that imitate black steal and factory windows have also become popular, especially as more modern-style is adopted in offices. “Designers are incorporating this aesthetic in a more refined, intentional fashion by utilizing engineered demountable options,” says Mojo. “In addition, some demountable wall manufacturers are “future-proofing” their product lines, by designing inherent flexibility into their systems to be ready for anticipated technologies like computerized glass panels and VR/AI.”

Mojo says that these systems come with ample benefits, and as a result, he expects them to increase in popularity. “Demountable wall systems are a highly versatile choice for reinforcing aesthetic intent, while providing advantages such as better fit and finish and acoustical privacy that are inherent within an engineered system,” he says. “Something stick-built construction just can’t match within the same timeline or price point.”

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