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California High School renovates classrooms to meet the resurgence of Career Technical Education

Written by David Malone


Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum has seen a resurgence of late, producing results across all high schools students such as increased graduation rates and progression to higher education.


Sunnyside High School in Fresno, Calif., recently took note of this recent trend and decided to remodel its CTE classrooms. A fine-art, black and white photography classroom and darkroom was renovated into a multimedia photography and marketing classroom were flexibility is key. Large 3’ X 5’ tables were replaced with integrated Node desk/chair units from Steelcase.


These units allow seating configurations to be changed in minutes. Circles or small groups can be formed and then changed back to stadium-style seating quickly. Additionally, baskets under the seats allow students to stow their belongings to keep the floor and other furniture clear.


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