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Workplace Trends In 2018: Organizing Remote Teams

workplace trends office video conference with employees sitting around conference table for live stream

The makeup of the workplace is changing in 2017. According to a poll by Gallup, more people are working from home, and the happiest employees are those that balance their week between remote and on-site work.

The problem this produces is about engagement. Even people capable of presenting dynamic, captivating in-person meetings have trouble getting that same dynamism across over a blurry webcam. Here are some workplace trends and answers to keep in mind in 2018.

Revitalizing the Live Stream Meeting

Reaching for that intangible energy that keeps employees engaged in meetings is why companies increasingly turn to professional live streaming producers to manage their technology, consult on presentations, integrate graphics, and skip past the ugly consumer-level camera look in favor of broadcast-quality visuals.

Setting up lights, multiple camera angles, edited interstitial footage, and — most crucially — interactive elements all add up to pulling remote workers into the workplace in a dynamic way that completely removes the drawbacks of working off-site.

Investing in Live Streaming to Save Elsewhere

A quality live streaming production cuts out the bumpy issues telecommuters often run into. While it’s cheaper to simply use existing consumer-level tech to talk face-to-face, you’ll end up spending time awkwardly struggling with implementing solutions to problems on the fly.

Making your digital workplace as engaging as your on-site experience means you can pull from the best recruits from anywhere with an internet connection. High productivity from the most efficient workers available, while mitigating the bumps you may run into using a low-end consumer solution, is invaluable.

This is the real reason companies are using professional production teams to live stream meetings. Not simply to pay someone else to handle something they could do themselves, but to elevate the entire process in a way that meets the highest standards.


Learn More About Cutting Edge Workplace Concepts

To learn more about setting up remote meeting rooms, as well as on-site interior designs with the perfect layout for leveraging remote collaboration between two or more groups, contact us at Tangram Interiors.

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