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Two Ways to Encourage More Technology Use in Your Office by Design

Open office space with tables and chairs. Employees working on laptops and tablets

No matter what type of office you have, technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of it. So one of the most crucial elements of any office redesign is mobility: the more you can build in ways for your employees to connect throughout the office, the better they can work together.

How can you build in greater accessibility to technology?

Add access ports in common areas and meeting rooms. 

Wifi doesn’t always work reliably, and sometimes physical connections work better to enable a network connection and using a larger screen. The more access ports you can put in meeting rooms and gathering areas, the more useful they will be for working meetings, quarterly analyses, and interdepartmental efforts. So much of how most businesses run, from online portals like Salesforce and Oracle to intranets and research, requires an internet connection.

Encourage the use of different devices

If your office is still using desktops, trying switch out a few with laptops that allow for greater mobility. Then expand your office technology to tablets that let you show online features to clients, mobiles with VPN access and single sign-on so traveling employees can reach the information they need, and smart devices that monitor inventory and your office conditions.


One of the best ways to implement change in office technology is to make using it more convenient. Giving employees multiple ways to connect to the internet away from their desks encourages more productive meetings and more communication with different teams, and using a wider array of technology lets your company experiment with new ways of communicating. Go to Tangram here for more ideas about reorganizing your office space.

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