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4 Tips before you begin Commercial Interior Design

Have you been thinking of an office overhaul? Or possibly new commercial interior design? It is always a positive step to revamp the office occasionally; it’s sort of like your wardrobe, in need of change once in a while. However, before you plunge in, here are 4 things to consider when redesigning your office space.


Consider the culture of the workplace

When contemplating a new office design, think about the culture of your company. What personality, values, and traditions is conveyed? Keep your design décor reflecting the culture of your office personality. If you haven’t updated since you started your business or in a long time, there’s a good chance, office culture was not even a consideration when you put office furniture, colors, layout, and decorations together.


Consider the uniqueness of each worker

When crafting the work space for each employee, remember that each person is different. What works for one individual in the way of office furniture may not work for another. People who are overly short or tall may require custom-made furniture to ensure comfort.


Consider whether you are going with open floor plan or closed offices

Before you go too far into the planning of the new design, think about whether the people’s workspace will be open and employees will be collaborating together or if you will stay with a more traditional closed office set-up. Depending on what you already have in place, this could require more extensive change. Many offices nowadays are going with a more open floor plan to save on space.


Consider hiring a professional

The best results for redesigning your office space will come through hiring professionals. Professionals will be able to take your core idea and breathe life into it. Also, those companies can obtain the best prices on custom-made office furniture, if it is needed.


At Tangram Interiors, we have been creating unique workspaces for several years. If you would like more information about our services, please contact us today!

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