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Company Culture: Why it Matters, Part 2

Everyone seems to agree that company culture is key to maintaining a successful business. But why? In a previous post, we looked at the first two reasons: attracting the right employees, and creating a sustainable business. Here are two more reasons why company culture is so important:

Engaged employees

Dale Carengie recently reported some alarming stats regarding employees and businesses:

  • Businesses lose approximately $11 billion per year simply due to turnover.
  • 71 percent of employees are not fully engaged at work.

This means that happy workers need to be top priority not only to keep them with the company, but also to ensure that they are doing their best work while they are there. Huffington Post writer Himanshu Sareen suggests taking to heart two of Google’s “Ten Truths” as a realistic way to make employees happier at work:

  • Focus on the user and all else will follow
  • You can make money without doing evil

Google has a reputation for enviable company culture, so taking some advice from them is a pretty good idea. By putting the emphasis on company culture, you are more likely to find the employees who will thrive and stick around a while.

Company culture and wealth are connected

Culture Candor recently found that “companies that offer effective cultural training for employees observe a 27 percent increase in profit margin.” In a nutshell, that is why company culture is important; it’s good for business.

Here at Tangram, we know the importance of company culture. We work with costumers to create an environment that can foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity. To learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us.

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