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The Evolving Classroom

Education is an ever-changing world. Standards change. Teaching and learning techniques change. Unfortunately, the classroom is something that tends to be static and is left behind in the chaos of keeping up with the demands of increased rigor. Everything in a learning environment needs to reflect the creative and intelligent innovation that students hold within them.

Education trends lead many schools and educators to focus on the 4C’s: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity. Employers seek candidates with all of those qualities to fill the ever-growing need of outside-the-box thinkers. While some students can achieve that in a traditional classroom, many need an environment that fosters the true spirit of today’s workplace.

Tangram provides both teacher and students the opportunity to the reach their highest potential. Adaptable seating allows student movement as well as provides the instructors a smooth transition from one teaching mode to the next. Students can collaborate or work independently all while taking ownership of their learning. If your goal is to have fully engaged, productive students, our products can take you one step closer to achieving it.

Some lesson objectives require technology use, some need hands-on exploration, while still others call for quiet, independent reading. Students deserve a comfortable place to complete all of their objectives, and Tangram can help you provide that. With so many options, our team of professionals can help design the space that is right for your learners. You work your hardest to provide the best up-to-date learning opportunities for your students – don’t let your classroom get stuck in the past. Contact us today to find out how you can transform your learning space.