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Tangram Ten // Liz Merritt

Please join us in welcoming Liz Merritt to the Tangram Family! Liz has joined us as the newest sales executive for Tangram Studio. Her background includes three years of sales and marketing experience, most recently for MASHstudios in Los Angeles. She’s a go-getter, performer and we’re thinking a little bit of a daredevil. Can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us. Welcome to the family, Liz, we’re happy to have you!


1. Name, title? 

Liz Merritt, Sales Executive


2. Where is your hometown?

Born in Chattanooga, TN; Grew up in Yorba Linda, CA


3. What type of company did you work at previously and what was your role there?

I worked for a competitor of Tangram (MASHstudios) and I was an Account Manager.


4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you did? 

Donate to a Parkinson’s Disease and/or Alzheimer’s charity and then Buy a house in CA and an Audi R8 (my dream car!).


5. Where is the last place you traveled to and what was your favorite thing you did there?

Santa Barbara; played pool with my family and watched my brother graduate from UCSB.


6. What is a fun fact about yourself?

I am a singer (used to sing the national anthem at baseball and basketball games in high school/college) and I am a dancer.


7. What is something you recently crossed off your bucket list? 

I recently bought tickets to go skydiving with my mom.  Not crossed off the bucket list yet but almost!


8. What are you most looking forward to in your new role at Tangram? 

Growing with the company and making some amazing furniture designs come to life!


9. What is your favorite food and how would you describe your favorite food to someone who has never had it? 

Filet Mignon (medium); I would describe it as a tender, well seasoned, melt in your mouth cut of meat perfect any way you slice it.


10. What do you believe you will bring to the Studio team? 

A positive, persevering attitude; I’m a go getter and a people person and am looking forward to working with the Studio and Tangram Family!