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Rejuvenating, Holistic Interior Design for Your Office

You must have noticed that you work better in better surroundings.  If your work requires concentration, you usually work better in a quiet space.  If your work requires collaboration, you usually work better in a space where you can mingle with people.  Some places just have an intangible “vibe” about them which makes them pleasant.

We can all think of places that we’ve loved, growing up.  Yet, when we look back at them, we can’t really figure out why we liked them so much.  Now, they would probably strike us as kitschy, crowded or dull.  But when we were spending time in that space, we found it very comforting. 

Contrary to what you may believe, this sense of comfort is not just a mental thing; there are physical indicators that make a place feel good.  Here are a few of them that you can incorporate into the interior design of your office:

  1. Light.  Human beings aren’t really made to be indoors all day long.  Our forefathers used to roam about hunting and gathering.  So they got plenty of light while we don’t really get as much.  Studies have shown that daylight can help to improve a person’s mood.  And when your employees are in a good mood, they’re going to be more productive.  So, if possible, you need to extend your windows as much as you can to let in the light.  You may not want the sunlight to be constantly streaming in but you can prevent this by using translucent window shades or curtains.
  2. Plants.  Just like our forefathers got plenty of light, they were also constantly surrounded by nature in the form of trees, plants, flowers etc.  This was before human beings started cutting down trees and living in concrete jungles.  Not only does the sight of plants make you feel like you’re out in the open, plants also produce oxygen through the process of photosynthesis, which enables us to breathe better.  So having plants in your office space will cheer up your employees and enable them to function better.
  3. Wood.  Just like the sight of plants makes us think of the great wide open, so does the sight of wood.  This is the reason why people tend to prefer wooden desks, chairs, blinds and flooring to laminated substitutes.  You might also want to include warm colors such as those found in wood around the office.  There’s a cozy feeling about places that have a lot of wood.  At the same time, it’s not too cozy, especially if you also have a lot of natural daylight pouring in.  You can develop a holistic atmosphere in your office which is rejuvenating rather than merely relaxing.

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Written by: Paul Smith


Paul Randall Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer of Tangram, an interior and workplace solutions company focusing on furniture, flooring and technology in Southern California. Paul obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration at George Fox University and an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Oregon.

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