LG Supersign TV

LG SuperSign TV is an affordable All-in-One display solution. No need to purchase any additional hardware or software. Deliver your messages while broadcasting live channels simultaneously.

Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall

The Planar® DirectLight™ LED Video Wall System is a family of seamless, ultra-fine pitch direct view LED video walls that provide a superior visual experience, and 24×7 reliability tailored to your unique indoor environment.

Planar DirectLight LED video walls incorporate design principles gained from Planar's decades of successful video wall installations and is ideal for the most demanding control room and digital signage applications, providing a uniform and seamless canvas of nearly any size or shape.

Planar LED3 Series

Ideal for control room customers who require seamless displays, Planar’s Clarity® LED3 Series is a complete line of LED-illuminated rear projection video wall displays that deliver superb image quality, industry-leading power-efficient performance and reliable long life. Designed to fully exploit the latest generation LEDs, Digital Light Processing (DLP) systems, optics, image electronics, and quality screens, Clarity LED3 Series displays can maintain a wide range of brightness levels at optimized power levels for long illumination lifetimes.

Planar LookThru

The breakthrough Planar® LookThru™ Transparent OLED display showcases dynamic or interactive information on a transparent surface glass. This revolutionary display allows users to view what is shown on a glass video screen while still being able to see through it. Designers can overlay text, digital images and video content onto physical objects or scenes that sit behind the glass.

Planar Mosaic

Planar® Mosaic® Architectural Video Walls redefine interior spaces by providing endless possibilities for creative expression and offering a dynamic new way to deliver art and information. Planar Mosaic video walls can create a desired emotion or build a brand experience in any space.

Samsung SMART Signage

SMART Signage TV, The Impact of Digital Signage With the Appeal of Television
Combining live TV and in-store advertisements, this cost-efficient solution makes it easy to enhance your business environment to create a superior customer experience

Sharp Interactive Displays

Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system lets you display a variety of information with ease and precision. Whether you’re in a classroom or meeting room, Sharp Pen™ Software opens up new possibilities for brainstorming and sharing information in real time. Flexible and cost-effective, the displays provides a platform to boost collaboration and enhance the impact of your lessons, meetings, or presentations.

Sharp Professional Displays

When you have a message to share with the world – more businesses trust Sharp Professional LCD displays to make it happen.

Sharp is one of the top selling brands of Large Format Displays (55″+) and is the #1 selling brand of Large Format Commercial Displays (55”+) integrated with touch technology* in the USA through business-to-business sales outlets.

Viewsonic Digital Kiosks + Billboards

Physical deployment, content creation and message delivery could hardly be easier than with our all-in-one kiosks and billboards. These vibrant digital displays feature integrated pro-grade media players, combined with easy-to-use content design and management software. With slim good looks and a durable design, they’re just the ticket for virtually any public display application.

Viewsonic Interactive Touchscreen

Interactive engagement and efficiency meet commercial-grade quality and performance. Reliably built for high traffic, 24/7 applications and daily classroom demands, these displays deliver the incomparable benefits of interactivity for more effective meetings and classroom curriculum. Make the most of the power of touch with the smooth, accurate response and crisp, sharp images of ViewSonic’s versatile commercial-grade touchscreen displays.