Allermuir Sholes

The Sholes multi-purpose chair has been designed specifically to support collaborative work settings. Its generous proportions and wrap around back provide excellent comfort whichever position you take. Optional extras include a bag hook and table which incorporates a cup holder.

Andreu World Flex

The Flex family of seating has evolved with the addition of the new collection Flex Executive. This collection consists of conference chairs and armchairs that are available in three backrest versions: low, intermediate, and high. Additionally, two versions of lounge chairs, with two distinct backrest heights, complete the collection. Additional options include back finished in walnut veneer.

Arcadia Co-op

Taking its cue from the shared society of today, Co-op is all about bringing people together. Designed to function equally well in existing or new spaces, these open to semi-private meeting enclaves can be positioned anywhere and require no elaborate construction to create a custom built-in feel. Supremely comfortable and exceptionally versatile, Co-op is the essential collective for communicating, working and inspiring one another to achieve more.

Arcadia Domo Modular

Come together with Domo Modular – the highly evolved and inspired collection that sparks ideas and experiences. Modern and inviting, these lounging accommodations provide the ideal segue to thoughtful interactions in creative workspaces, while the modularity aspect allows for flexibility and functionality across a variety of applications. For collaborating or working solo, to socializing or simply lounging, Domo creates truly authentic engagements on every level.

Cassina Gender

This unique armchair combines both traditional and modern features. It comes in a combination of materials and colours for a wide variety of uses: the soft padded inner part dialogues with the rigid outer part, embellished by coloured leather edging that highlights its sinuous line.

Cassina Passion

Both the Caprice and Passion families of chairs and armchairs have been expanded with new bases and new finishes:
— A new 4-spoke base, which can be fi tted with wheels or fixed feet
— A new tulip-shaped base;
the finishes, applicable to either the shell or the base, include two glossy versions already in the catalogue: black and white, and new matt finishes in black, white and mud.
The new finishes are also available for the models already in the catalogue.
A glossy aluminium finish has also been introduced, only for the 4-spoke and tulip shaped bases.

Davis Ginko

The Ginkgo Chair is an elegant yet durable bent plywood chair with an organic aesthetic that is both instantly recognizable and utterly unforgettable. The expanding Ginkgo family is offered with a variety of options: with arm or armless models, differing bases, and a variety of upholstery treatments.

Emeco Sezz

Working With Christophe Pillet, the Sezz Collection creates a fusion between comfort and strength, while retaining the original Emeco process of using 80% recycled aluminum-toughened to last a lifetime. The result is a contemporary interpretation of beauty, timelessness and industrial heritage.

Paoli Co|Ho Chair

Work the way you need to. CO|HO’s rounded corners enable you to sit comfortably around the table and lean in to work.