ICF Dexter Stool

Dexter is a multifunctional stool with a simple and graphic design. Place several in a row to create a bench or stack them on top of each other and it becomes a little bookshelf. Dexter is made of powder coated solid steel thread and is available in several different colors. For indoor/outdoor use.

Malik Balboa Bench

Three steel end supports laser shaped in order to place the 20 ribs in solid pine or exotic wood treated with natural waterproof oils. On the bottom of the front, after the last rib, is welded a steel panel attached with 6 M6 screws. On the back panel there is another steel panel, fixed with 6 M6 screws, which serves to cover the ground fixing system. At the base of the three solid end supports, there are 6 holes, Ø 10 mm, for the ground fixing through appropriate bolts (not included). All the steel elements are cold galvanized and polyester powder coated.

Segis Polo Chair

Stacking armchair with a geometric motif, perfect for commercial, hospitality, and residential use; indoor or outdoor applications.

Vitra MVS Chaise

The MVS Chaise is perfect for a rejuvenating rest or quick nap. Although the recliner looks like a sculptural object at first glance, its comfort becomes immediately apparent upon use. The resilient material conforms to the body and is exceptionally soft and elastic. The frame’s construction makes it easy for users to shift their weight from a sitting to a reclining position.