Milliken Whale Song

The highly textured, loop- and tip-sheared designs of the Whale Song collection of modular carpets interpret sound patterns created by whale communications. Each of the four standard patterns—Orca, Narwhal, Humpback (pictured), and Beluga—has been stretched, elongated, or pixelated to convey greater definition and perspective to the floor. The collection is made of ECONYL yarns, which are created from abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste materials, and offers an average total recycled content of more than 55 percent.

Mohawk Group Breaking Form

The Breaking Form Collection pushes past tradition, giving designers new approaches to color, shape, scale and movement. Our collaboration with Mac Stopa of Massive Design explores bold lines and geometric patterns that transform the floor, a two-dimensional product, into something three-dimensional. Available in 3 patterns and 9 colorways, in our new 12″x36″ planks.

Mohawk Group Moving Floors

Designed to be dynamically moving based on the user’s point of view, Moving Floors was inspired by the multilayered beauty of our cultural landscape. This collection empowers designers to create kinetic floor scapes through limitless combinations of geometric patterning and textured solids.

Patcraft – Time Exposures

Time Exposures, a carpet tile collection inspired by the effect of light and shadow, includes three 9-inch-by-36-inch tile designs. Each design is available in 12 colorways, allowing designers to blend patterns to transition between scales and aid in wayfinding.

Shaw Contract Group – Cut and Compose

The Cut & Compose collection of 24-inch square tiles and broadloom carpets features a graphic pattern of letters, numbers, and abstract elements. One-and-a-half percent of sales from the collection will support the Green Apple initiative to transform educational spaces into healthier, safer, and more sustainable learning environments.

Shaw Contract Group – Hexagon

Expanding on concepts introduced with Shaw Contract Group’s Hexagon line, the Configure collection of carpet tiles combines random, asymmetric shapes into rhythmic patterns in bold shades that add visual interest and aid in wayfinding. The collection comprises four styles—Base, Contact, Color Shift, and Plane—in several colorways.

Tandus Centiva – Code

Designed by Suzanne Tick for Tandus Centiva, Code Series is a modular carpet system. The 24-inch-square tiles are available in multiple styles—Code, MegaCode, and Code Transition—that combine small- and large-scale patterns. They come in palettes of yellow, green, magenta, and orange solution-dyed Tandus Centiva Dynex yarns.