Bentley Black Book Collection

Black Book™ is Bentley’s first select line featuring velvety, lush, and specially designed products. New and sophisticated, these designs include a streamlined color palette, offering radiant neutrals and an occasional pop of color through our intuitive COLORCAST™ technology. This premium collective is sure to leave interiors exclusively sleek and saturated in opulent design.

Through a luxurious experience, Bentley presents…Black Book.

Bentley Curio Collection

Curated textures designed and hand selected by Bentley’s design studio, coordinated to work together or apart. The collection showcases a multitude of surface aesthetics that can dynamically cultivate any interior space.

Narrate your own captivating textural story and expand your design palette with the ever-growing… Curio Collection.

Bentley Light Play Collection

The Light Play Collection, designed in collaboration with Stinson textiles, explores the radiant concept of light and shadow upon architectural elements. Highlighting the chiaroscuro effect of light washing across architectural moldings, sunlight striping a textured surface, or the brilliant glow of the sun receding over the horizon, Light Play maintains quiet elegance and corporate sophistication. The collection offers unique design sensibility, a commitment to environmental responsibility, and performance that meets the demands of challenging institutional settings.

Bentley New Bohemian Collection

Fueled by new-age spirit and a lust for nomadic freedom, New Bohemian™ presents an alternate perspective to the linear ideals of the modern world. The legacy of experienced goods, records a visual account of handcrafted design, igniting an evolution of luxury. The collection brings three large-scale styles to life, celebrating the beauty of wear. Vagabond™, Wanderlust™, and Troubadour™ uncover the layers of travelers’ passage through time with carefully curated colors and an abstract patchwork of pattern.

Bolyu Harmony Collection

The Harmony Collection consists of five sophisticated styles, Embellish, Flourish, Pathway, Sawgrass and Trellis. Three of which (Embellish, Flourish and Sawgrass) are available in both broadloom and carpet tile to offer options that designers have asked for and facilities may specify.

An Evidence-Based Design approach was utilized when developing the Harmony Collection. Influenced by nature and handmade art, these dominant features in modern Senior Living facilities invite comfort and an overall sense of harmony. In addition to the sophisticated design patterns the timeless and subtle color ways evoke elements of warmth and comfort for the Senior Living market sector.

Bolyu Inner Circle Tile

Inner Circle Tile is a multi-dimensional piece dyed product that is inspired by the overhead view of busy city streets. The design takes its cues from a whimsical and sophisticated interplay of geometry and scale derived from precise color and textural interaction. Inner Circle Tile is a striking plank designed and developed to deliver a bold composition of color, pattern, and texture while coordinating with High Line. Inner Circle Tile 18” x 36” plank can be installed monolithic, ashlar or herringbone and is available in 24”x 24” tiles making it flexible to service a variety of installation needs.

Burketurf Collection

Durable and environmentally friendly floor manufactured from recycled tires. Anti-slip flooring engineered for both indoor and outdoor installations. Perfect for damp or wet areas, ramps, entryways and concourses. Easy maintenance includes vacuuming and spot cleaning as needed. Outdoor installations can be hosed off and left to dry.

Interface Reclaim Collection

Made of 100 percent recycled content from carpet fiber and salvaged fishing nets, Reclaim carpet tiles resemble worn, weathered wood. Reclaim comes in a skinny plank format measuring 10 by 39 inches. It is available in eight colorways: Weathered Blue, Faded Denim, Rustic Teal, Antique Grey, Worn Olive, Cottage Taupe, Barn Rust, and Aged Brown.

Mannington Traction Avenue Collection

Designed by Shimoda Design Group, Traction Avenue was inspired by the influence of the urban feel of Los Angeles on the work of the studio, particularly the Arts District on the eastern side of downtown where its office is located. The collection of 12-by-48-inch carpet planks comes in five subtle patterns and a range of colors.