Bentley Malibu Colony

The Malibu Colony Collection, available in both carpet tile and broadloom, reflects weathered modernism with a bold color palette drawn from the vibrant wildflowers along the coast, the glorious sunsets beneath the horizon, and the beautiful neutrals of the shoreline. The small-scale design of Carbon Beach™ mimics the feeling of the coastal sands and the soft surf of Little Dume, while the mid-scale Grotto Trail™ reinforces the idea of Malibu’s steep clay slopes and windy trails over a breathtaking coastline views.

Bentley Moda Venezia

Italian classics never go out of style, but a little update keeps them fresh and timeless. Moda Venezia, a new twist on a heritage Bentley brand, features 15 broadloom styles for you to create your own color concepts.

Bolyu Harmony Collection

The Harmony Collection consists of five sophisticated styles, Embellish, Flourish, Pathway, Sawgrass and Trellis. Three of which (Embellish, Flourish and Sawgrass) are available in both broadloom and carpet tile to offer options that designers have asked for and facilities may specify.

An Evidence-Based Design approach was utilized when developing the Harmony Collection. Influenced by nature and handmade art, these dominant features in modern Senior Living facilities invite comfort and an overall sense of harmony. In addition to the sophisticated design patterns the timeless and subtle color ways evoke elements of warmth and comfort for the Senior Living market sector.