Allermuir Haven Pods

The open office has delivered many benefits; however there is a need for privacy within the workplace environment. Haven Pods provide a defined space for individual focused work and spaces for team collaboration. The space efficient geometric design also enhances the acoustic performance of the product.

ICF Aircone

Aircone is a triangular module assembled into patterns using small plastic clips. It can be hung from the ceiling or against the wall on a straight or curved aluminum rail. Equilateral or right triangle components are made from molded felt fiber and are available in 9 colors. Aircone modules are angled and tapered to permit sound diffusion and absorption (NRC of .85). Now available in a half triangle to make a straight edge.

ICF Airflake

Airflake is made from molded felt fiber that is formed into four different hexagonal component shapes (an optional magazine pouch is available, too). Airflake is assembled using small plastic clips and can be hung on a straight or a curved rail to provide visual separation and sound absorption (NRC to .60). There are 10 felt color choices. A larger Airflake XL option is available in the “blade open” Airflake component shape.

Steelcase Divisio

Divisio side screen allows workers to adapt their space instantly without tools: they can remove the screen to facilitate collaboration or add it on any work surface to create privacy.

Steelcase Montage

Montage is a panel system that offers a breadth of surface material options, is highly customizable and features a superior fit and finish.

Steelcase Privacy + Modesty Screens

Privacy Screens offer space division that helps address visual distractions and improves productivity. Modesty Screens create below worksurface modesty by creating a visual barrier in open spaces.