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Staples Center

Staples Center

Company Website : https://www.staplescenter.com/

Considering the large volume of visitors STAPLES Center has each year, constant maintenance on the facility is essential. Tangram Flooring’s long-time partnership with AEG has ensured that the 950,000 square foot building stays in pristine shape and up to trend.  Over the past few years, Tangram has completed numbers of projects including specifying and installing flooring for all the home sports team’s locker rooms as well as the visitor locker rooms, the exclusive Lexus Lounge, along with various other restaurants and press conference areas. “I really enjoy working with AEG. They have been a great client and partner for many years and are continually upgrading their facilities and they want to make sure their guests are provided with first class amenities, we are glad we are able to provide them with first class products and service on their projects,” Derek Todero, Tangram Flooring.


Most recently, Tangram completed the refresh of 170 suites throughout the arena. The team specified Patcraft Luxury Vinyl Tile and Bentley Mills carpeting. They also installed wallpaper in all the suites to fix cosmetic damage to the walls caused by the backs of chairs over the years. “The suite upgrade project was something that we had to move quickly on as soon as our teams finished their playoff runs and had to work around a variety of events throughout the summer to get the project completed quickly. Working with Tangram allowed us to complete the project on time and efficiently,” Samuel Kropp, STAPLES Center, Vice President of Operations.


March 9, 2017






1111 S. Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90015