Moveable Walls: Revolutionize Your Office’s Architecture

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Traditional walls are permanent, stark solutions for privacy, organization, and security.  Although there are times when traditional drywalling is necessary, consider a creative and flexible alternative: Moveable Walls. This state-of-the-art architectural designwill transform your office space. With several innovative designs available, a moveable wall is guaranteed to meet your office’s unique needs.


  • Cost-Efficiency

Many varieties of movable walls are transparent and perfect for optimizing your office’s natural light sources.  This energy-efficient wall alternative allows you to cut back on your power and lighting bill by using natural sunlight. This natural light source not only reduces your power charges but also improves your office’s mood and atmosphere. The University of Michigan recently released new information on the positive benefits of natural sunlight in the workplace; improved employee health and productivity were among the noticeable benefits.

  • Office Connectivity

Offices often experience unintentionally isolation.  Workers may feel cut-off from each other by bulky cubicle dividers or stark walls.  Help bring your office back together with sleek and welcoming moveable walls.  These walls allow the necessary privacy and organization without segregating your employees.  Offices that employ moveable walls experience greater connectivity and unity in the workplace.  Although proper separation is necessary for office privacy, moveable walls allow workers to enjoy a sense of companionship that aids in productivity.

  • Easy Installation

Nothing kills office productivity faster than messy and noisy construction products. When an office endures lengthy improvements and renovations, workers are understandably distracted and irritated by the noise level and inconveniences. Unlike traditional wall installation, moveable walls are easily installed with minimum mess, noise, and effort.  Some designs are installed in a matter of hours rather than the days and weeks of traditional drywall installation. Your office will be free to enjoy the benefits within hours.

  • Future Flexibility

Many office architectural changes are avoided altogether due to the fear of potentially having to un-do these improvements in the future.  Architecture that works great for your office now may be a nightmare several years later.  However, moveable walls are easy and relatively inexpensive to uninstall.  These walls are flexible and perfect for short-term use. These walls are easy to tweak for whatever needs your office is currently experiencing.


Regardless of your office’s needs, moveable walls offer surprising benefits.  Perfect for both long-term and temporary use, these walls truly transform your office’s architecture.  For more information on this innovative solution or to request project estimates, please contact us today.

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