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Millennial Healthcare Trends

This year marks the first time that millennials are the largest living generation. Take note, because this generation is leading healthcare trends  in a new direction and offices need to adapt. Here are some of the major trends:

Visits per year

Millennials visit the doctor less often than baby boomers, only 1 to 2 times per year compared to 3 to 6.

Word of mouth 

Millennials are considered a social generation, and that’s certainly true in the way they find physicians. 70 percent of young adults ages 18-24 choose a primary care doctor based on recommendations from friends, compared to 41 percent of people over age 65.

They might be a little passive aggressive

Those over age 65 are likely to tell doctors directly when they are unsatisfied with the service received, but millennials are more likely to tell their friends. Remember– they also make decisions based on word-of-mouth, so providing a good experience is key.

Online reviews carry a lot of weight

Most millennials will research a doctor before committing, so a solid online presence is important.

A 25 year old patient explains her process when searching for a physician:

“I look for a doctor within my insurance network and then [turn] to online reviews. Based on the comments, I [rule] out several doctors, including one I was originally considering.”

As millennials come into their own, healthcare offices need to pay attention to these new trends. Millennials are a visual generation, used to services being curated to their specific tastes and needs. Presentation is important.

Here at Tangram, we collaborate with our clients to create and uphold office environments that are right for your audience. Contact us to design a healthcare office that will have millennials raving to their friends.

Written by: Paul Smith


Paul Randall Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer of Tangram, an interior and workplace solutions company focusing on furniture, flooring and technology in Southern California. Paul obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration at George Fox University and an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Oregon.

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