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Meet Our Team

15 years ago: Joe, Jack and Nick took over at the helm of Tangram.
Under their leadership, Tangram has posted consecutive years of explosive growth and profitability.
Today, Tangram is the largest interior solutions provider in Southern California
with record sales of over 185+ million in 2016.

Chief Operating Officer

Jack Hooven

President + CEO

Joe Lozowski

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Greenko, MBA

VP, Sales

David Morgan

VP, Integrated Technology

Dave Gove

VP, Customer Service + Design

Denyse Sharp

VP, Business Development

Mitchel Zelinger

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Randall Smith, MBA

Director, Project Management

Luis Carmona

Director, Human Resources

Paul Bawol

Director, Operations

Kathy MacIntosh

General Manager, Flooring

Dave Teper

Creative Director, Studio

Charlotte Wiederholt

Director, Sales

Dirk Manning

Director, Sales

Sheila O'Flynn

Director, Sales

Amber Jones

Director, Sales

Nick Meter

Director, Sales

Lindsay Sage

General Manager, Fresno

Kellie Reed