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Innovative Office Architecture

With property often being expensive and many businesses growing, companies are looking to maximize space within offices and meeting rooms for efficiency. Tangram Interiors offers a plethora of solutions for doing just that, which are environmentally responsible, easy ways to modify work environments, and that will save on construction costs in the long-term. Tangram Interiors is also making strides in the areas of noise cancelling and office lighting, as well. If you have already heard of Tangram and want to visit their website, click here.


Perhaps the most important feature Tangram Interior’s architecture department offers is movable walls. These save customers a great amount on future demolition and renovation charges, and quickly and easily allow for a space to be opened up to fit a new purpose. The movable walls are constructed with glass, wood, and fabric surface materials to be functional while also looking kind to the eye.


Another space efficiency development from Tangram Interior is raised flooring and power. Tangram has a special method of running wiring and cabling underneath floors to allow easy access when maintenance or repair are needed. The raised flooring, as a result, is cost-effective and has an easy installation, which will save time during initial construction. It also keeps options open for management or changes that may need to take place in the future. The elevated flooring comes in a variety of carpet tile options.


Tangram Interior has also made strides in office noise cancelling. It offers systems such as sound masking that either reduce or entirely eliminate sounds in an area. This does well to keep employees focused and prevent distractions from other rooms or outside, as well as keep conversations private.


Lastly, Tangram Interior designs and installs lighting systems that range from standard office lighting all the way to ambient and powerful outdoor lighting. Tangram has kept up with the digital advancement of lighting systems, and its new solutions make it possible to configure lighting while conserving energy and thus keeping costs low, all with the flick of a switch.


Tangram Interior hopes it can help you with any office space-saving, noise cancelling, or lighting. And, as always, if you know someone who could benefit from Tangram’s services, show them this post by having them click here.