Government Solutions (GSA)

Tangram Interiors is a small business GSA contract holder. We specialize understanding the government furniture buying processes and requirements. By navigating all the complexities of contract numbers, RFQs and ordering information, we can help make the process a seamless one. We provide competitively priced furniture, service solutions, and exceptional customer experiences. Our product solutions offer the best in sustainability and environmental responsibility. We give you a highly professional and productive work environment that will meet your budget. Our experienced GSA team, comprised of government specialists, will work with you to exceed your expectations


Tangram Interiors services many state and local agencies. We have competed contracts that will meet your state of California procurement laws. Tangram has a large portfolio of service offerings for all of your needs. We also have a large 180 square foot warehouse to store products before being redeployed into a new or refreshed work environment.

With Tangram, you can improve the quality of life and productivity of your employees. We understand the special demands of government projects. Put us to work for you.

Tangram is an awarded Steelcase GSA Packaged Office Contract holder with a small business status (GS-28F-009AA) for Southern California and your single source provider for the procurement of office furniture, healthcare furniture and its installation.

When you work with Tangram you issue a single Purchase Order for your entire project! With our own GSA contract, your purchase process is streamlined reducing procurement costs, and you gain the benefit of working with a single point of contact for Furniture, Furniture Installation Services, and Warehousing.