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[mk_icon_box icon=”moon-brain” title=”Workplace” font_weight=”bold” read_more_txt=”Learn More” read_more_url=”/workplace/” icon_size=”medium” icon_circle_color=”#00c8d7″ icon_circle_border_color=”#00c8d7″ title_color=”#252525″ txt_color=”#555555″ box_blur=”false”]Today’s workplace must address the diverse ways people are working today. It must support enhanced collaboration, the essence of knowledge work. It needs to inspire and attract people to work at the office instead of the coffee shop. It should nurture personal wellbeing, and leverage organizational culture and the company’s brand. Overall, this workplace must make the most of every square inch of an organization’s real estate.[/mk_icon_box]
[mk_icon_box icon=”moon-pen-5″ title=”Education” font_weight=”bold” read_more_txt=”Learn More” read_more_url=”/education/” icon_size=”medium” icon_circle_color=”#00c8d7″ icon_circle_border_color=”#00c8d7″ title_color=”#252525″ txt_color=”#555555″ box_blur=”false”]Amidst all the changes in students, technology and education, we are working with educators and designers to rethink classrooms, libraries, common areas and other in between spaces to incorporate user-friendly technology, flexible furniture and other tools to support active learning. Our professional development and training programs help to foster learning and continuing education for instructors.[/mk_icon_box]
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We are pleased to announce that Tangram has been designated a 2015 Steelcase Platinum Partner. Platinum Partners meet high standards for quality & performance to deliver a best-in-class Steelcase experience to their customers & community.


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When IBM asked CEOs around the world to identify the most important leadership traits needed today, their answer was resounding: collaborative, communicative, creative and flexible. CEOs are seeking “employees with the ability to constantly reinvent themselves. These employees are comfortable with change; they learn as they go, often from others’ experiences,” notes the study. Driving the need for these skills is the complexity of problems that organizations face today, and the demand for innovation that is no longer the turf of elite, top brands. Innovation is critical to drive bottom line results.

But here’s the new dilemma that CEOs face: collaboration, communication, creativity and flexibility are a set of behaviors that require leadership skills, metrics and mindsets that are different from what many business leaders have learned in the past. For decades, business schools churned out young leaders who were well trained in areas such as logistics, supply chain management, analysis and the like. Only recently are organizations recognizing that those business fundamentals aren’t enough on their own. They also need to create an environment and culture in which the necessary new behaviors can thrive.

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