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Four Reasons to Collaborate on Your Office Design

The days of the traditional cubicle farm and utilitarian offices are at an end.  Transforming a place of work into the hub of communication and efficiency that it should be can a challenging concept for any organization.  Adding in the challenges presented by current and future business needs can quickly turn any location into a maze of confusing workstations, offices, and lunchrooms.  To avoid congestion filled floor plans and chaotic designs, collaborating with a professional is often required.  Companies experienced in Commercial Interior Design take the time to understand needs, collaborate on ideas, visualize the suggestions, and ultimately fulfill on those promises.

Understand Needs

Every business has a unique and specific set of needs that needs fulfilled.  Whether the challenge involves a lobby, office space, meeting room, or other commercial space, taking the necessary time to gather information and get to the heart of the matter is vital to the process.  Analyzing the desired environment and including special branding touches emphasizes the flair a company is seeking.

Collaboration on Ideas

Many businesses are built on fundamental values, and including those elements into the design of a commercial space is often important.  Commercial interior design should complement those values, and only a flow of effective communication can provide the necessary input.  Tangram Interiors specializes on Integrating technology, design, and function to encourage increased flow and greater productivity.

Visualize Suggestions

Evaluating options and ideas prior to inclusion provides a powerful tool in the commercial interior design world.  Professional 3D rendered visualizations of designs and ideas simplify any undertaking.  Often taking from one inspiration and adding in touches of another creates a facility that is as unique as the business.  Seeing a project before any actual physical work is begun allows for freedom and innovation to flourish. 


Timelines and schedules matter in the business world.  Therefore, getting a project completed is paramount to getting a company up and running.  Everything from the ordering of materials to the installation of custom settings requires a dedicated and detail oriented partner.  Every renovation or construction project is different, and a major focus is required to get everything completed correctly the first time.

In the end, a company should look as well as it runs.  Tangram Interiors understands that putting a special branded touch on an existing space inspires confidence among employees and visitors.  Anyone looking to add that unique level of flair as an asset to their company need only contact us to get started.

Written by: Paul Smith


Paul Randall Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer of Tangram, an interior and workplace solutions company focusing on furniture, flooring and technology in Southern California. Paul obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration at George Fox University and an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Oregon.

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