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We create environments that put the control back in the hands of the teacher and the student.

The majority of classrooms in use today were built for traditional, “stand-and-deliver, sit-and-listen” pedagogies in a passive learning setting.


Inflexible layouts and furniture with limited mobility hamper interaction among students, instructors and content; in fact, the environment is the barrier.


Collaborative work is essential to active learning, suggesting that classroom spaces must be varied and flexible. One-size-fits-all classrooms neglect the modern day needs of educators and students. Different subjects and teaching methods require different mixes of furniture, technology and space. Just as there is a variety of ways in which we learn, there must also be a variety of spaces in which learning occurs.


When focused on active learning, institutions should consider how flexibility and variety work with pedagogy, technology and space to support how learning happens in active learning classrooms.


Many schools are reconsidering how pedagogy, technology and space can be better integrated for a greater impact on teaching and learning. It’s time to change and we can help.

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Our Creative Process

Step One

Learn + Educate

Let’s get started! We want to know: what are your needs and hopes for your new environment? We have a few things to share, too. With a visit to our showroom, get to know our products, our partners, and the research that drives everything we do.

Step Two

Design + Review

With an understanding of your needs, the Tangram team begins to develop a unique concept for your renovation. After the first round of design, we present renderings of your floor plan through software that brings the space to life. With your go-ahead, we proceed to the next step.

Step Three

Finalize + Coordinate

Details — including colors, finishes, and fabrics — are decided upon. Our project management team kicks into gear: scheduling your delivery and installation, maintaining ongoing communication, and directing every detail.

Step Four

Build + Empower

Our installers construct, assemble, and furnish your space — voila! Once completed, we perform walkthroughs to ensure every part is in place and accounted for. Time to move in! Our team walks you through your new environment and provides training on how to get the most out of your space.

Step Five


Following installation, Tangram provides a range of supportive services to continue empowering you in your new, beautiful environment.


We provide a wide array of products & design services

As a Steelcase flagship dealer, we offer the strongest portfolio of architecture, furniture, and technology products in the industry, and compliment Steelcase’s catalog with 250+ leading manufacturers. We also offer fully customizable and industrial engineered and designed furniture through our in house studio department.

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