We are focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring active learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators.

Design Tips For Your New Classroom


  • Design to support fluid transitions among multiple teaching modes: lecture, team project, discussion, etc.
  • Design for peer-to-peer learning.
  • Allow freedom of movement for the instructor, enabling frequent interactions and ongoing assessment.
  • Support the implementation of professional development to increase adoption of new teaching strategies.
  • Set expectations for what an active learning environment looks like— learning is messy, things move.
  • Expose students to how these environments enable, support and allow them to take ownership of their learning.
  • Support individual learning


  • Design for sharing, leveraging both vertical and horizontal surfaces for display; use projection and interactive surfaces.
  • Integrate, use and allow access to BYOD and instructional technology tools and devices.
  • Allow for displayed information to be persistent over time.
  • Ensure thoughtful planning occurs when selecting technology so the tools are used as intended to enhance outcomes.
  • Be intentional about what technologies should be used and how to support pedagogical strategies.
  • Incorporate tools that support synchronous and asynchronous learning and collaboration.
  • Support learning styles with both analog and digital means to co-creat


  • Design for visual and physical access, giving every student the best seat in the house and allowing the instructor and student access to each other.
  • Facilitate social learning by designing spaces where students can easily connect and collaborate.
  • Design to support quick reconfiguration among multiple modes: from lecture to project work, discussion, test taking and back again.
  • Include wall protection for table and chair movement.
  • Support a range of postures to enhance wellbeing.
  • Integrate the design to support and reflect the educational goals and mission of the institution.

Is Your School Ready?

Education Research

Every educator wants fully engaged students. But first you have to get and hold their attention in the classroom. Based on the latest research, here are seven insights on how to do that.

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Education Design

Tangram’s design team provides the latest in CET, AutoCAD and SketchUp expertise. As one of the largest design teams in the industry, we also offer you the luxury of utilizing a single, agile design contact to complete your entire project. This keeps your communication conveniently in line and your progress on course.

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Education Solutions

As a Steelcase flagship dealer, we offer the strongest portfolio of architecture, furniture, and technology products in the industry, and compliment Steelcase’s catalog with 250+ leading manufacturers. We also offer fully customizable and industrial engineered and designed furniture through our in house studio department.

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Education Technology

The transformation in the learning culture and etiquette has allowed companies to revolutionize business operations. Clients needs have changed and technology must continue to develop in order for schools to continue to grow. The network cabling, audiovisual and security services provided by Tangram Technology cultivate communication between employees, clients, and smart office technology.

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Grand Valley State University

Like every space on campus, the library now is being rethought and reorganized. See how Grand Valley State University and Steelcase applied the principles of Active Learning to completely re-imagine the library experience.

To better understand the trends, WorkSpace futures initiated a major study of libraries at private and public colleges and universities across the U.S., including GVSU. What the Steelcase researchers discovered were major shifts in how the library is being used and a number of opportunities to better leverage space, new technologies, and pedagogies for a new generation of students.