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Tangram Ten // Alexandra Mitrovich

Please join us in welcoming Alexandra (Alex) Mitrovich to the Tangram Team! Alex graduated from the University of Michigan with two degrees in Psychology and International Studies and has been working for Steelcase for the past two years as Dealer Business Manager in Michigan. Alex...

How our Workspace Can Foster Greater Creativity

It was stated by economist and social scientist Richard Florida that ideas are the currency of the new economy. That quote came from Florida’s book, The Rise of the Creative Class, over fifteen years ago in 2002. Florida argued that creative work is not exclusively...

How to Choose the Right Commercial Carpet for Your Space

It might seem like picking out a commercial carpet for your business space would be fairly straightforward, but there are a lot of things you need to consider before deciding on the right carpet for your space. Here, we break down the 4 main components you need to think about in order to find the

How Workspaces Can Help Manage Attention Span

In workplaces throughout the world, scenarios of near-constant distraction have become the norm. We text during conversations, email during meetings,  eat lunch at our desks to catch up on work—always trying to process faster, increase our productivity, and work harder, often without realizing ju

Higher Education Technology Trends

Technology is changing how people access, receive and share educational information. Cloud computing allows educational organizations to take advantage of shared resources and software that are delivered as a service that students, faculty, and administration can access on demand. Technology suppo

AV Integration for the Office

Many businesses are implementing AV Integration within the workplace for more effective presentations and communications. For one thing, research now reveals that people have different learning styles which need to be considered to gain maximum benefit when delivering information.

Q + A with Tim Brown, IDEO

Designer, author, TED speaker, IDEO CEO and recently appointed member of the board of directors of Steelcase, Tim Brown talks about creativity and how organizations can encourage it —or kill it.   360: How do you define creativity? TB: In general, it’s the capacity to generate new ideas. For...

Tangram Ten // Verenice Macedo

Please join us in welcoming Verenice Macedo to the Tangram Family! Verenice will be joining Tangram Studio as an Engineer. She brings over seven years of product engineering, mechanical drafting and graphic design experience with her. Verenice loves Steampunk and Quentin Tarantno and lived in...

Tangram Ten // Sarah Eckberg

Please join us in welcoming Sarah Eckberg to the Tangram Team! Sarah will be joining us as a Customer Service Representative in Santa Fe Springs. She earned a Bachelors Degree from Cal-Poly Tech – San Luis Obispo in Graphic Communication in 2015 and she has...

Tangram Ten // Anna Tran

Please join us in welcoming Anna Tran to the Tangram Team! Anna will be taking over as our Resource Librarian when Monica retires in the Fall. She moved to the US five years ago from Vietnam and recently earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration...

Tangram Ten // Angelina Facundo

Please join us in welcoming Angelina Facundo to the Tangram Team! Angelina will be part of the Customer Service team based out of Santa Fe Springs. Her professional background includes nearly ten years of industry experience at Cherryman Industries, many of that in Customer Service....