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This Month’s Top Ancillary Picks

Emu Lyze Chair, by Coalesse   Marble Block Coffee Table, by west elm WORKSPACE   Valet Occasional Table, by Davis   Nadia Standing Height Table, by Hightower   Slit Table, by Hay   Beyond Chair, by Source Int.

How Do Function and Mood Affect My Choice of Commerical Flooring?

There is so much to consider when it comes to commercial flooring. Your business is unique, so there is no one size fits all. What you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the function and mood of your company. Read on to...

Innovative Office Architecture

With property often being expensive and many businesses growing, companies are looking to maximize space within offices and meeting rooms for efficiency. Tangram Interiors offers a plethora of solutions for doing just that, which are environmentally responsible, easy ways to modify work environments

Adjustable Desks: Incorporate Workplace Health With Design

There’s a lot of buzz going on when it comes to being healthier at work considering the forty hour work week that many workers deal with in an office setting.  There’s a good reason workplace health is an important topic for businesses to consider: healthy employees are more effecti

Discovering Custom Furniture

If your like me then there are spaces in your house that are difficult to furnish due to the dimensions of the room. Or, you know exactly what you want and are unwilling to comprise your style. I’ve used off the shelf pieces from reputable companies...

Workplace Trend: Your Social Media Policy

Social media plays a significant role in your business. This is true if you advertise on Facebook, create shout-outs on Twitter or put up a profile on Linkedin. Even if you do none of these things, you can bet your employees post online comments about...