Tangram’s Architectural Solutions addresses these needs as we provide expertise in creating innovative solutions that allow for changing work conditions.


Today, more and more companies are looking at architectural options to create more flexibility in how they can use their boardrooms, meeting rooms, enclaves and private office space. In the healthcare world, our clients are seeking the same options for flexibility with their data centers, clean rooms and laboratories. The primary goal, in doing so, is to have options in place that allow them to be more environmentally- responsible, save on future construction costs, and to have an easy way to modify their work environments.

Tangram’s Architectural Solutions addresses these needs as we provide expertise in creating innovative solutions that allow for changing work conditions. Whether it’s a need for expanding meeting rooms or office space or consolidating or redefining existing space, we can design and install easy-to-modify architectural solutions to meet these needs. With more and more companies choosing innovative rather than traditional construction for their office spaces, architectural solutions, such as the following, are becoming the norm in many parts of the country.

Movable Walls

Having moving walls ultimately saves the cost of future demolition and expensive new materials, while immediately allowing for a space to be opened up and expanded when needed for that purpose. Moveable walls are an example of flexible building with an eye toward your future needs with glass, wood and fabric surface materials providing both style and functionality

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Raised Flooring + Power

With its sub-floor wiring and cabling, access flooring allows for ongoing changes and easy maintenance or repairs, when needed. Raised access flooring is cost effective and easily installed reducing initial construction time while opening up the opportunity for ongoing management or changes that may be needed in the future. Flooring styles include many types of carpet tiles.

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Noise Cancelling

Tangram offers enhanced privacy for open workspaces including sound masking to reduce or eliminate existing sounds in a given area and speech privacy for those conversations you don’t want to carry. With sound masking in place, those working in nearby areas can better concentrate on their work and more productive.

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Lighting Solutions

As an added benefit to our customers, we design and install lighting systems to meet specific needs, including everything from standard office lighting to ambient, accent, task and powerful outdoor lighting.  As digital lighting has evolved, new solutions have emerged that make it possible to configure lighting to conserve energy while providing control of the facilities’ lighting at the flick of a switch.

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As the workplace changes and evolves new tensions develop about how and where we work.

Mobile Teams, Fixed Spaces
The more mobile our devices allow us to be, the more we need fixed places to come together to connect and collaborate.

Effective Communication
The smaller our technologies, the more we need scale to share and communicate effectively with others.

Alone Time
The more collaborative we become, the more we need time alone.

Data Interpretation
The more data we generate, the more we need places to help us make sense of it.