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Adjustable Desks: Incorporate Workplace Health With Design

There’s a lot of buzz going on when it comes to being healthier at work considering the forty hour work week that many workers deal with in an office setting.  There’s a good reason workplace health is an important topic for businesses to consider: healthy employees are more effective and efficient at handling their job.  One easy design tweak that can make a drastic change in your workforce’s health, adjustable desks that allow employees to sit or stand during the day.


Benefits of an Adjustable Desk

An adjustable desk gives the user the option to turn their desk into a standing desk.  Researchers have been studying these desks, and in their studies have found that standing desks are beneficial when it comes to health, focus, productivity, and even mood.  Some schools have even started to implement standing desks in the classroom with positive results.


Adjustable Desk Options

There are a number of adjustable desk options available that can fit in with the decor of your office space.  One particular standing desk that can stand out above the rest is the Steelcase Walkstation that pairs the benefits of a standing desk with the benefits of a treadmill.  These desks offer either manual or electric height adjustment that makes it easy to transition during the day.

Starting to incorporate adjustable desks into your current office space is a positive step forward when it comes to workplace health.  Toss out the cubicle farm design out the window for a more modern and healthy design.  Contact us today about how Tangram can change the way that your workforce looks at cubicle life.

Written by: Alexis Osborn


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