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Nick Greenko

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With an MBA in Corporate Finance from Adelphi University, NY and an undergraduate degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Nick Greenko has a mastery of explaining the complex world of financial statements and its supporting reports.  While most of us struggle with the left and right side of a ledger and are hard pressed to comprehend the difference between the color red and the color black as something more than “I needed a new ribbon with ink,” Nick has a style all his own in helping us understand the monthly if not daily financial statements we need to run Tangram successfully. Using a combination of wit, humor and analogies, what most of us once dreaded, most of us now look forward to which is the review of our financial results.

An accomplished piano player, devoted husband to Karlyne, dad to Eve and now the proud grandfather of Anastasia,   Nick is a part of the original team that includes Joe Lozowski, President and Jack Hooven, Chief Operating Officer that relocated from Detroit, MI in the purchase of Tangram from Steelcase in 2002.

An avid surfer, Nick does not have the stereotypical look of the company bean counter.  Sporting spiked blonde hair, a piercing or two or three and a bevy of inspirational tattoos, Nick’s leadership and “Keep Calm and Carry On” handling amidst the occasional storm, has helped steady Tangram during the past 10 years while helping position Tangram for another 10 years of solid growth.

To satisfy Nick’s passion for singing opera in the hallway’s as well as other “not so hidden” locations, Nick is a member of the Pacific Symphony Board of Directors.  And if you think he is reading the items listed on the menu at the French restaurant quickly so that he sounds like he is talking French, it’s because, well, Nick speaks French too.

If it has to do with debits and credits and an explanation that “even I” can understand, there is no better guy to have in charge of a company’s financial wherewithal than Nick Greenko.  And without getting into an argument, Tangram’s CFO is better than your company’s CFO!

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